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13 Sep

Muay Thai in September

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We had some lovely weather in August, but now we’ve hit that time of year when it starts getting old and some people would prefer to stay cuddled up with a cup of hot chocolate instead of venturing outside, but staying in all the time gets a little bit boring – so you might as well get your (more…)

28 Mar

How to start!

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Beginners are encouraged to come along to the introductory classes that we have on offer. In this class, you will find people like yourself, who are just starting out and getting to grips with the sport.  At KO Bloodline, you will find that the coach and more experienced members of the gym will be happy (more…)

28 Mar

Personal Training!

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There is no more ideal way to achieve your training goals than by booking a personal instructor. Whether you are seeking to loss weight, improve your fitness or perfect your fighting technique, our personal trainers will help you achieve your goal!   KO-Bloodline has a fantastic team of coaches who are all experts in the (more…)