How to start.

Beginners are encouraged to come along to the introductory classes that we have on offer.


This way, you are eased into the sport gradually and the coach can assess your fitness and capabilities. In this class, you will find people like yourself, who are just starting out and getting to grips with the sport.


At KO Bloodline, you will find that the coach and more experienced members of the gym will be happy to advise you and answer any training questions you may have- no need to feel daunted, we were all beginners once!


There is no need to book a session in advance- just look at the time table and turn up on a day that suits you! When coming to your first class just remember to bring:

  • Loose fitting clothing (shorts/tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt)
  • All other equipment is provided for beginners e.g. gloves, shin-guards, focus pads, etc.